Introduction is a mass messaging tool for the Singapore Government. Anyone with an email address can log in and start using Postman today.

Service status publishes our most up-to-the-minute information on service availability on Open Government Products' statuspage. You can subscribe to the status of all of our products and receive alerts and updates if there is an unplanned incident.

What can Postman do?

  • Easily customize messages to reach a wide audience: Create a message template, upload a file containing customization parameters, and we will handle the rest for you.
  • Mass send emails: Just click send campaign and Postman will send those messages out to your intended audience via email.
  • Mass send SMSes: Enter your Twilio credentials under settings, and Postman will send those messages via SMS. No integration with Twilio is needed.
  • Mass send Telegram messages through a bot: Get your recipients to subscribe to your Telegram bot and use Postman to send Telegram messages to the subscribers by uploading the subscriber's contact list.
  • View stats: Keep track of your campaign's progress as it is sending and check back when it is completed.

Is Postman secure?

Email and SMS are not 100% secure. We recommend that you don’t put any sensitive information in the email or SMS content. Some of our users generate a recipient-specific unique link that opens up to a locked page. We have completed our VAPT on June 15th, 2020, and fixed our vulnerabilities.

Can Postman be accessed on the government intranet?

Postman is only available on the internet at the moment.

Data classification

When in doubt, you should follow IM8’s guidelines on data classification. We use cloud infrastructure so we are able to handle up to restricted data.
Data Classification
Normal email
Non-sensitive to sensitivity normal
Normal SMS
Non-sensitive to sensitivity normal
Telegram Bot
Non-sensitive to sensitivity normal
Password-protected email
Sensitivity high

Difference between the API vs User Interface Access

API calls: API stands for application programming interface. You need your engineers or IT support to help send your source database information to Postman through an API call. In order to use this feature, you need to generate an API key from settings in the Postman user interface and follow the Swagger Doc to start sending Postman what you want to send through an API call.
User Interface: Users can access the user interface web app through You can set your credentials for SMS under settings and start to send SMS and email campaigns right away.
Access Type
Type of Use Case
Email & SMS
Engineering or IT team to send messaging info from the source system to Postman.
User Interface - Log in using
Email, SMS, and Telegram Bot
Manual intervention required email access to log in
Fill out an access request form if you do not have an email address.

Open-source contribution

We have open-sourced Postman. Visit our Github repo to start contributing to our code. Contributing guidelines can be found here.
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