Demo Mode

Try out different channels before investing time to procure and set up your credentials.
Without setting up credentials, each user is entitled to:

3 campaigns each for SMS & Telegram channels

Up to 20 recipients for each campaign
The purpose of the demo campaign is to help you become more familiar with the SMS and Telegram channels without the prerequisite of setting up their own credentials.
Once you are familiar with the flow, you can follow our video guide for the step-by-step set up for Twilio for SMS sending and Telegram bot for Telegram message broadcasting or book a slot with the PostmanSG team if you need additional help.

Where can I find the banner to access the demo mode?

You can now access the demo mode for SMS & Telegram on the upper left-hand corner in PostmanSG once you sign-in.

Guide on Setting up SMS & Telegram

Guide to set-up your Twilio credentials for SMS sending: Quick Start > SMS. Guide to set-up your Telegram Bot: Quick Start > Telegram Bot.

Regular Pricing for SMS & Telegram Bot Channels

For information on regular pricing, please go to FAQs > For Senders > Cost Breakdown.

What if I need additional demo campaigns?

Please fill out our support form and specify your use case for additional demo campaigns.