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If you are a public servant, you can join our group on Workplace. This is the best place to find videos and tips on how to use Postman. We regularly post info on the updated guide here.

Found a Bug?

Please read through the following before you report a bug.
    Found a bug? Check if the bug is known. Someone else might have caught the same bug as you. Please check whether or not the bug you are experiencing is documented in our Github.
    Report it immediately. Reporting a bug is like reporting news. Timeliness matters! Report it while it is fresh in your head.
    Reproduce the bug more than one time before you report it. Bugs should be reproducible. Go through the same steps to see if the same bug occurred. If your bug is not reproducible, you can still file a bug report but be sure to mention its sporadic nature.
    Detailed summary. Identify exactly what the problem is. It helps us greatly if you can tell us exactly what is wrong and how to reproduce the bug. Let us know which browser you used. Copy and paste the entire error message (if any) in your report.
    Screenshots, videos, log files. This is how our internal team communicates when there is a bug. A screenshot is worth a thousand words!
    Write down your campaign number. The campaign number can be found in the URL. In this example, the campaign number is 3871. Please quote this number when you contact us.
Campaign number is 3871 for this campaign
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Non User Request

If you do not have a email address and would like to use, please fill out a request and we will get back to you within 5 business days. For urgent requests, please indicate your timeline.
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SMS Trial Credential Request

Please don't use our credentials for production use cases.
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For all other queries please submit the following form and we will get back to you within 5 business days.
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