Quick Start
This page will teach you how to use Postman through simple steps.

Step 1: Create a Message Template

Postman allows you to control how much personalisation should be sprinkled in each message. Message templates can be used in a few ways:
Message Template
Use Cases
No {{ }}
Generic message for everyone
Mostly standardised content with a few keywords like {{name}} {{item}} for fields that are relevant
Appointment reminder
Unique message for everyone.
Postman has implemented a universal footer for all email campaigns in order to comply with Singapore's Spam Control Act and align with international bulk email practices (CAN-SPAM Act or EU’s ePrivacy Directive). Please go to our unsubscribe page to learn more about this feature.

Step 2: Set up a CSV contact list

Most of our users have an internal database that includes all of their contacts. You can export the contact list in a CSV file. If you are not sure what to include in your csv file, you can Download a sample .csv file in the step for uploading the recipient list in CSV format.
  • Make sure there is a field called recipient that will contain the phone number or email address.
  • Make sure the headers are in lowercase
  • Your email should be formatted like [email protected].
  • Phone number should be formated like 88888888 with no space, no dash, and no +65.
We do not remove duplicates for recipients in view of some use cases that require sending unique messages to the same individual multiple times. Scroll down to the Remove Duplicates in Excel section to find out how to remove duplicates in excel.

Step 3: Send Your campaign

You can test the message by sending it to your self and then go ahead and send your campaign.

Remove Duplicates in Excel

Select your data > go to Data > Remove Duplicates > select all columns > click OK
For comprehensive instruction on duplicate removal, please go to Microsoft Excel Support Page.
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