Add Twilio Credentials in Postman

Watch this video to learn how to add your Twilio credentials in Postman and start using Postman to send SMSes, or follow the steps in the guide below.

Save your Twilio credentials under Settings in Postman

Think of credentials as a passcode that you need to enter into a keypad in order to get into a door. We need your credentials to contact Telegram's API. If you want to be able to reuse your credentials, you need to save them under settings.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Postman dashboard

Step 2: Add in your Twilio credentials

Credential Label is just a friendly name for your to keep a record of this credentials.
You will need 4 credentials from Twilio:
  • Account SID, read how to find it here
  • API Key & API Secret read how to find them here
  • Messaging Service ID, find it here

Step 3: Put in your mobile number to validate your credentials

Receive a success message once your credentials have been validated.
An SMS will also be sent to your mobile number.
You can go back to Campaigns to start sending your SMS. The testing message page will have a drop-down menu for you to select the credentials that you have saved in Accounts. You can also choose to enter a new set of credentials under the campaign. The credentials entered for the campaign are only specific to that particular campaign. It will not be saved.

Remove your credentials

There is no preview for the credentials saved yet. Remove your credential by clicking on the trash icon.
Deleting your credentials is irreversible. We will prompt you to make sure that it is the right credential that you want to delete.