Get Message by ID API

This API allows you to retrieve metadata about a specific message sent via our API via its id. The most common use case for this API is to check on the status of a message.

How It Works

To use this API, you must save the id field in the response returned when making an API call to send the message.
Get transactional GovSG by ID

Example Response

"id": "505",
"recipient": "+6581489408",
"template_id": "1",
"params": {
"topic": "document collection",
"agency": "Open Government Products",
"timeslot": "1-3PM",
"officer_name": "John Tan",
"recipient_name": "Stanley Nguyen",
"officer_designation": "Reception Officer"
"language_code": "en_GB",
"created_at": "2023-07-31T16:39:59.631Z",
"updated_at": "2023-07-31T16:40:02.558Z",
"accepted_at": "2023-07-31T16:40:01.526Z",
"sent_at": "2023-07-31T16:40:01.000Z",
"delivered_at": "2023-07-31T16:40:02.000Z",
"read_at": null,
"errored_at": null,
"error_code": null,
"error_description": null,
"status": "DELIVERED"