SMS Statistics

The campaign dashboard shows you all the campaigns that you have sent in the past.
You can click into your campaign to see the breakdown of the summary stats.
You can also download the campaign delivery report, which gives you a more detailed view on the status of each recipient number.

Types of Status for SMS

SMS campaigns would generate two types of status:
  1. 1.
    SENT: Your SMS was successfully delivered to the recipient.
  2. 2.
    ERROR: The mobile number was not valid. See error code descriptions for more details.
Unlike emails, you generally would not have any INVALID status. To see the entire list of SMS errors, you need to click on the Export button on the campaign landing page.

Twilio Sending Status

Twilio has received your request to create the message. All new messages sent from a specific Twilio phone number are created with a status of queued.
Action: Wait
*If the message has been stuck in the queue state for > 2 hours, please email [email protected] for additional assistance.
Twilio is in the process of sending the message. This status is usually only present for a very short time.
Action: Wait
Twilio has received a confirmation from our Super Network partner advising they have accepted the message.
Action: Nothing, the SMS has been sent.

Error Codes Interpretation in Postman

Error Codes
Description & Follow-up Action
Invalid phone numbers
Invalid phone number in the recipient column. No real human is using these mobile numbers.
Action: Please remove these mobile numbers from your database.
SMS encountered Twilio error codes of xxx.
Action: Please visit Twilio's error codes for more info.